Winning the World Open


Winning the World Open by Joel Benjamin & Harold Scott, published by new In Chess, softback 344 pages.

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For nearly fifty years grandmasters and amateurs alike have been making their annual pilgrimage to the World Open.

Legendary organizer Bill Goichberg created the model of this iconic event in American chess: large entry fees, large prizes, and no frills. Every year around the 4th of July, Philadelphia is the scene of countless epic battles at the board.

Joel Benjamin and Harold Scott examined hundreds of games and conducted a series of interviews with what they call the Heroes of the World Open, players who won the tournament on multiple occasions. What they wanted to investigate was: why have some players been so consistent in their efforts, always battling for the top prizes?

Benjamin and Scott discovered that many different paths were taken on the road to victory, but that the Heroes definitely had one common factor: their fighting spirit! The authors present the history of the World Open from its humble beginnings to the juggernaut it has become today.

There are many entertaining stories and scandals that the reader will enjoy. This rich book holds a fantastic collection of the very best games that were crucial in deciding the outcome of the tournament as well as a selection of exciting tactics. Winning the World Open is as entertaining as it is instructive. Not only the many thousands of players that participated will find it an irresistible read.

Softback, 344 pages. Dimensions 170 x 235mm

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