Chess is My Life- Harback (including CD)


Chess is My Life – hardback and CD of his games by Victor Korchnoi, published by Edition Olms.


The chess legend died at the age of 85 but his legacy lives on. In this book he explains how to grew from useful chess player to World title challenger and is not afraid to name those who he dislikes and why! In long interviews, Victor Korchnoi has completely retold his life story. The memories of his childhood in the besieged Leningrad, his time as a student of the university of his home town (now Saint Petersburg), his rise to the top of the major

chess power USSR and the years before and after his defection to the West in 1976 are also of significance as contemporary documents of a life spent in the former Soviet Union.

The volume also includes many photographs as well as a number of games with comments in typical Korchnoi-style and which are of decisive importance for his brilliant chess career. Also contains a cd of his games.

Written by Korchnoi, V. Hardback, 228 pages.