The London System in 12 Practical Lessons


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One copy left. The London System is being played by an ever increasing number of players, and its easy to see why. It is easy to learn and hard to counter. Against virtually every Black defence after 1 d4 it offers White an easytolearn and reliable set of lines. In the process, White has interesting choices between strategic or more aggressive approaches, while avoiding loads of opening theory. Ideal for players who dont have much time to study.Creative elite players such as Alexander Grischuk, Baadur Jobava, Richard Rapport and even World Champion Magnus Carlsen have the London in their repertoire. The general focus is less on theory and has a more practical approach, although he does present recently played games and some important theoretical updates. De Prado avoids long and complicated variations and concentrates on explaining straightforward plans, clear cut strategies and standard manoeuvres. If you follow De Prados lessons you are unlikely to face surprises or to emerge from the opening in a worse position, and you will learn to make the right middlegame choices. Studying this book is the most efficient way to acquaint yourself with a flexible chess opening that is easy to learn and hard to counter. Softback, 272 pages.