Playing the English


Playing the English by Nikolaos Ntirlis published by Quality Chess

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The English Opening arises after 1.c4, and is a great practical weapon for players of all levels. White dictates the opening from the very first move, and often reaches positions where understanding themes and plans is more important than the latest computergenerated analysis.

Nikolaos Ntirlis has been Playing the English successfully for many years in high level correspondence events, as well as teaching it to students ranging from club players to Grandmasters. While his analysis is first rate, Ntirlis also understands the differing needs between correspondence and human play, and this repertoire is specifically tailored towards practical players. Playing the English, A WorldClass Repertoire provides a complete repertoire with 1.c4, showing how to meet every major option that Black may try. Each section of the book begins with an introduction outlining the main plans and concepts, so you will be equipped with both the strategic and theoretical knowledge needed to crush your opponents.

Softback, 440 pages. Weight 975g.

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