Fine Art of Chess Annotation V2


Fine Art of Chess Annotation V2 by Cecil Purdy

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The Australian who won the first World Correspondence Champion is renowned as a great writer.

Former World Champion Bobby Fischer said that Purdy was one of the best instructional chess writers, and many who have read his writings would agree. This volume has 120 games annotated by Purdy along with 13 of his instructive magazine articles.

There are two preliminary chapters: “On annotating chess games” and “How to improve”,both very informative. Next are 20 games from World Championship play, mostly from Botvinnik-Smyslov, Botvinnik-Tal, Botvinnik-Petrosian. This is followed by 40 Master games from between the 40’s,into the 70’s. Most of these are by well known Grandmasters from that era including several Fischer games. Next are 60 high level games involving players from Australia and New Zealand. The final section has the 13 Purdy article. A quality book with easy to read format and all games are in algebraic notation. This is a must for your Purdy library!

Softback, 256 pages. Dimensions 153 x 232 x 14mm, 345g. ISBN 0938650831