Chess Scribe- A 50 Year Anthology


Chess Scribe- A 50 Year Anthology by David LeMoir

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David LeMoir has written three popular and highly acclaimed chess books including the worldwide hit How To Become A Deadly Chess Tactician.

Across fifty years he has become one of the UK’s most popular chess feature writers, his work having appeared more than thirty times in the leading UK magazines CHESS and British Chess Magazine and once in the American magazine, Chess Horizons.

He writes to entertain as well as to instruct, and much of his work addresses new ways to look at sacrifices and tactics. This book includes every one of those articles, plus an excerpt from each of his books and a wide selection of his work as main features writer for En Passant, the UK regional magazine which has been crowned the English Chess Federations Magazine of the Year on three occasions.

Prepare to be entertained!Paperback, 268 pages, David LeMoir Publishing

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