True Lies in Chess

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True Lies in Chess by Comas Fabrego published by Quality Chess.

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In True Lies in Chess Comas Fabrego takes on the challenging task of separating the truth from lies in chess literature. Guided by many practical examples and clear advice, the readers will learn how to reduce the complexity of chess towards the essential features of each position, and so improve their play. The author argues that in modern chess the tendency to prefer concrete analysis to the written word is dangerous. Humans are incapable of finding the correct move by brute force calculation like a computer. We must simplify the problem by focusing on the elements that our judgement tells us are most significant. Comas Fabrego shows how his creative approach has helped him find many novelties in the opening, particularly concentrating on the Na6 lines of the Kings Indian in which he is a renowned expert. Softback, 168 pages. 172.72 x 239.27 x 11.68mm, 322g