Heresy- a novel by David Lovejoy

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Written by Lovejoy, D. Signed copy but limited supplies! Queensland Chess Player and best selling author (Moral Victories) has another intriguing novel available.‘Heresy’ deals with the struggle for control of the Christian faith in the fourth century CE between Augustine and Pelagius, an Irish scholar, as seen through the eyes of Pelagius’s servant Arwel. Their quarrel is over free will and predestination, but there is plenty of action as the tale unfolds against the backdrop of the sack of Rome and the collapse of the western empire, not to mention the murder of the Alexandrian pagan philosopher Hypatia, etc, etc. Ultimately Pelagius won the intellectual battle but lost the political one.

No historical facts were harmed in the making of this story!  Softback 246 pages

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