Botvinnik vs Tal Moscow 1961


Botvinnik vs Tal Moscow 1961 by Mikhail Botvinnik published by Edition Olms.

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When Mikhail Botvinnik lost the world championship in 1960 to the dazzling attacking player from Riga, Mikhail Tal, there seemed little chance of him regaining his title. Yet in the Return Match a year later, with a surprising demonstration of aggressive chess, Botvinnik completely outplayed his young opponent and ran out the easy winner.

All 21 games of the match are deeply annotated. In May 1960 Mikhail Tal had defeated Mikhail Botvinnik to become the youngest world champion ever.

His creative, slashing style made him a favorite of chessplayers worldwide. However, he would only be able to hold the title for a year. This book is about the re-match. Additional sections include excerpts from Botvinnik’s opening notebooks and a preface by Vladimir Kramnik.

Paperback, 128 pages. 165 x 230 x 12.7mm, 332g.

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