Bishop’s Opening Explained

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Bishop’s Opening Explained by Gary Lane published by Batsford

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The Bishop’s Opening ( 1 e4 e5 and now 2 Bc4) allows White to dictate the pattern of play from as early as the second move. It is ideal for club and tournament players as it leads to positions in which a successful outcome depends on knowledge of the important ideas for both sides. The key plans and strategies are explained to make it easy for those who have limited time to study. A large number of world class players employ it, clearly confirming that it is a highly respected and formidable opening.How to play the opening successfully by using model games. Explains the basic elements and strategies for both sides. The tricks and traps in the opening for both playersHow to play the middlegame by following easy plans. Signed copies are available, just ask. Softback, 160 pages. Dimensions 138 x 216 x 12mm 213g. ISBN 9780713489170

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