Trompowsky Attack & London


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One copy left. This book not only covers the most played opening in online chess, but a complementary opening system as well. It makes sense to study both the versatile London System moving the bishop to f4 and the more aggressive Trompowsky Attack, moving the bishop to g5. This will offer White more flexibility and deepen your understanding of both systems. It gives White the opportunity to surprise his opponent, while still playing the same opening patterns. And both openings are connected by a large number of possible transpositions. This complete opening repertoire has a limited but flexible scope, which is ideal for club players who can spend only so many hours on studying chess. Like all Moskas books, Trompowsky Attack London System is practical, accessible, original, entertaining and inspiring. The two systems are explored in 46 games, of which Moskalenko played eleven himself. Softback, 200 pages.