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The upgraded 2024 edition of a modern classic with the special hardback edition. he best advice for chess players who want to improve quickly is get better at tactics Because the vast majority of amateur games is decided through tactics you will immediately start beating moreopponents when you improve your tactical skills. mprove Your Chess Tactics presents more than 700 decisive combinations from tournament practice and is a selftutor and a sparringpartner in one. Experienced Russian chess master Yakov Neishtadt has selected those examples that have the biggest instructional value for club players. In the first part of the book Neishtadt teaches a systematic course on the most important tactical themes. The second part consists of an exam with hundreds of tests from reallife chess, in random order so as not to give unwelcome hints on how to solve them. The solutions are not just lists of moves, but include clear,witty and instructive prose. Hardcover, 390 pages.