Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni


Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni by Zenon Franco published by Gambit.

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The Modern Benoni is a perennial favourite among players looking to create winning chances with Black. It is one of the few openings where White has no easy way to force drawish simplifications or deny Black any dynamic counterplay. Both players need to understand the imbalances in the position and pursue their plans with great vigour. In this book Franco shows how Black can seek to create the kind of mayhem that has attracted champions such as Tal, Kasparov and Topalov to the Benoni, and also demonstrates how White can seek either to put a positional clamp on the game, or else to storm Blacks position before his development is complete. A special section deals with the vital question of move orders. Zenon Franco is a grandmaster from Paraguay who now lives in Spain. He is an experienced chess trainer, his most notable former pupil being Paco Vallejo, now one of the world’s top grandmasters. Written by Franco, Z.  Softback 112 pages. 172 x 248 x 9.91mm, 249g.

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