A to Z Chess Tactics


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A great book that explains tactics with words and has lots of puzzles to help you improve An indispensable reference book of chess moves, perfect for any chess player, beginner or club player.This A to Z of chess tactics provides an explanation of all the key terms and jargon used in chess so you can understand them and put them into practice in your own game. From Castling to Zugzwang, from Underpromotion to Zwischenzug.Written in a clear and informative style, it has a large section at the back of the book with Illustrative games from past chess masters and grandmasters which show the relevant chess definition in action. Plus there are exercises that illustrate the tactic defined, these test you on your ability to recognize the tactics learned, as that is how they will appear in a match. The exercises teach you how to seize the opportunities before they disappear as well as avoiding traps your opponent may leave. Useful for all chess players, this is an essential read for those looking to improve and understand the game better. Softback, 349 pages.