The Modern Nimzo-Indian

The book presents a Black repertoire based on the Nimzo Indian Defence The grandmaster author writes, I wrote this book for the improving chess player who wants to start playing the Nimzo but is afraid of drowning in its lines. My creative task is to provide the reader with useful practical advice while sparing him … Continue reading “The Modern Nimzo-Indian”

Power Fritz 18

A disc that can be used on 3 of your devices but of course you need a disc drive. Important technical novelty Buyers of the DVD will also receive the download version activation on the ChessBase site So if you have a computer without a DVD drive, you can still buy the DVD version This … Continue reading “Power Fritz 18”

Playing the English

This is the special hardback edition. The English Opening arises after 1.c4, and is a great practical weapon for players of all levels. White dictates the opening from the very first move, and often reaches positions where understanding themes and plans is more important than the latest computergenerated analysis. Nikolaos Ntirlis has been Playing the … Continue reading “Playing the English”

Off the Board Chess

Signed edition The Best Games Chess Experiences of London based FM Andrew Smith Large Hardback. Andrew Smith foreword The idea to write a book only occurred to me during my travels when I found myself lounging about on isolated beaches in the south Pacific, when I was sometimes the only western traveller. My idea was … Continue reading “Off the Board Chess”

No fear of 1d4 V1 Catalan

DVD drive rquired on computer to view the video. Constancy and a striving for solid positions are what define Sergei Tiviakov’s opening repertoire. On his two repertoire DVDs against 1.d4 the top Dutch grandmaster presents to you exactly those variations and ideas with which he himself has been successful in tournament chess for many years. … Continue reading “No fear of 1d4 V1 Catalan”