300 Most Important Tactical Chess Positions


300 Most Important Tactical Chess Positions by Thomas Engqvist published by Batsford
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A great book for understanding the most important tactical chess positions in the opening of a game, the middle game and the endgame.

Useful for improving players and people who want to win more games. It cuts to the chase on the must useful tactical positions at each stage of the game. Knowing the positions is one thing but this experienced coach shows you how to create them, even out of nothing, in the spirit of Tal and Alekhine.

It covers other important facets of tactical play, including calculation (how to calculate with the help of stepping stones), attacking play such as defence and counter attack, and even psychological tactics. Each numbered position can be seen as a test yourself quiz (with answers given below the diagrams) to help cement tactical understanding. Since it is advisable to revise the positions from time to time, this book can be your life long companion, enabling you to dramatically increase your tactical chess understanding.

The perfect guide for players who want to reach a higher level but don’t have time to spend hours every week on less productive study.

Softback, 288 pages. Dimensions, 15 x 2 x 23 cm

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