Secrets of Pawn Endings


Secrets of Pawn Endings by Karsten Muller and Frank Lamprecht published by Gambit.

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This book provides a thorough course in endings with just kings and pawns, from the simple to the highly complex. Armed with this knowledge, the reader will also be able to tackle other types of endgame with greater confidence and certainty.

Many interesting and beautiful positions are included, and there are test positions for the reader to solve. The authors follow the rigorously logical conventions introduced by John Nunn in his famous series of endgame manuals. This has necessitated a phenomenal amount of new analysis of theoretical positions to assess precisely the merits of each and every move.

* A comprehensive and authoritative guide to the most fundamental type of endgame
* Includes puzzle positions to test the reader’s understanding
* Makes use of computer software specifically geared to pawn endings
* Logically organized in user-friendly fashion

Softback, 288 pages. 145 x 210 x 17.53mm, 410g