Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 4


Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 4 by John Watson published by Gambit


This book draws together many themes in a wider ranging discussion of general opening topics.

By looking at familiar situations from new angles, Watson helps us greatly increase our understanding of them. In the process, he covers a wide variety of opening structures and variations not seen in the earlier volumes and presents a great wealth of original analysis. Reti and Fianchetto Systems Reversed Openings Symmetry Irregular Openings Gambits: Primitive or Positional, Universal Openings.

In the final two chapters, Watson presents his views on the importance of opening study and explains how players should best prepare and choose their openings for the level at which they play. He looks at the future of chess openings and explains which skills will be most important as chess evolves in the forthcoming decades.

Softback 320 pages.