Karpov’s Strategic Wins


Karpov’s Strategic Wins 1 : The Making of a Champion by Tibor Karolyi publised by Quality Chess

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Anatoly Karpov is one of the chess worlds greatest World Champions, with his prime strength being his subtle maneuvering and positional play. Many of his opponents have been baffled by the profundity of his strategies, but here Karolyi explains Karpovs genius.This volume features Karpovs most entertaining and instructive strategic wins from 1961 to 1985 as the Russian star proved he was a worthy successor to Bobby Fischer’s title. The book starts with Karpov as a precocious youngster and tells the story of the making of a champion. Written by Karolyi, T. Softback, 455 pages, 170 x 240 x 20mm, 751g.

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