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Chess Genuis Pro Chess Computer made by Millenium

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A top level, luxury computer from Germany that will probably beat you but it is possible to change the levels of play to have a chance of victory.

The MILLENNIUM Chess Genius Pro allows you to make moves on a chessboard and the computer plays to a top level of 2200 elo which is the equivalent of a high level experienced tournament campaigner.

It runs on batteries or can be powered by a charger which is recommended, see product code M811 ($25.00). On the chessboard (20cm by 20cm) there are elegant chess pieces in white chrome (white pieces) and black chrome (black pieces), which have felt on the bottom of the pieces.

levels and playing difficulty

  • Virtually unlimited number of levels of difficulty
  • Average time per move configurable
  • Max overall duration of game configurable
  • Includes demanding tournament levels suitable for skilled players
  • Special „Matt in X“ stage for problem
  • Countless levels especially for beginners
  • Shows suggested moves (best, second best, third best etc. moves from the
    respective position)
  • Especially for beginners:
  • Chess trainer: Warns about bad moves, offers to take them back and makes
  • suggestions for improvement to help make better moves
  • Help function: Shows all permitted moves
  • Fully flexible opportunities to take back moves

for chess experts

  • Choice of 2 libraries of opening moves: the ‘Classic London
    Book’, with approximately 57,000 positions, and the ‘Modern Book’, with more
    than 100,000 positions
  • Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chessboard
  • Display analysis of positions, main variants and move
  • Enter any chess position

This computer is in stock and can be sent as soon as possible.

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