Starting Out: Modern Benoni


Starting Out: Modern Benoni by Endre Vegh

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The Modern Benoni is just about the most aggressive method that Black can choose to counter White’s 1 d4 by following the line Nf6 and then a quick c5.

In the main line variations Black allows White to have a preponderance of central pawns which, traditionally, grants the first player the advantage. However, in return, Black gains the opportunity for tremendously dynamic counterplay. This puts White and under immediate pressure as any inaccurate moves can prove to be disastrous.

In this user friendly book, International Master Endre Vegh goes back to basics, studying the fundamental principles of the Modern Benoni and its many variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips, warnings, and exercises to help.

Softback 176 pages. Dimensions 171 x 241 x 10.92mm. 369g.

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