SOS Volume 4


SOS Volume 4 edited by Jeroen Bosch published by New In Chess.


Written by Bosch, J. Secrets of Opening Surprises brings you a wide variety of unusual opening ideas. They may seem outrageous at first sight, but have proven to be perfectly playable. An SOS deviates very early from the regular lines in a mainstream opening, usually even before move six. That is why it is so easy to actually bring the variation on the board. With an SOS you will baffle your opponent, gain crucial time and stand a good chance to get an advantage WITHOUT having studied large quantities of stuffy theory. Jeroen Bosch – The SOS Files Artur Kogan –

A Surprising Scandinavian Jeroen Bosch –

The Alapin Opening Sergey Volkov –

Attacking the Slav Stonewall Jaan Ehlvest –

The Dutch Benoni Jeroen Bosch –

The Katalymov Variation Glenn Flear –

The Other Long Diagonal Adrian Mikhalchishin –

Following Smyslov and Réti Dimitri Reinderman –

King’s Gambit Vienna 1903 Jeroen Bosch –

Move-order Your Sicilian Opponent Dorian Rogozenko –

An Indian SOS, Part I Dorian Rogozenko –

An Indian SOS, Part II Glenn Flear –

Patzer Sees a Check Adrian Mikhalchishin –

The Bellon Gambit Jeroen Bosch – Kozul’s SOS against the Rossolimo Igor Glek & Elena Sedina –

Alekhine’s Blunder Mikhail Gurevich – Flexibility Zone Readers of this series can ignore large areas of the ever expanding chess opening theory.

Softback, 144 pages.

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