Komodo 14


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The new Komodo 14 was launched in 2020 is once more 40 Elo points stronger than its predecessor. It is ideal as an opponent that can help you improve. While Correspondence players will be keen to know that its positional levels have been greatly increased giving you the advantage over people who have an older version. But what is quite new is how it can be varied when playing a normal game or even blitz. In addition to the standard version there are seven other personalities: various playing styles (aggressive, defensive, active, positional, endgame, beginner and human) which can, moreover, be combined. That allows you to simulate different styles or strengths of human opponents. And for analysis, too, this provides new options: switch the engine over to aggressive whenever you suspect that the position offers enough attacking potential for a win, or go into the positional mode if the position demands well thought out strategic play! Inspired by AlphaZero, two years ago Komodo programmers GM Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler began to redevelop their engine from the ground up. A good decision, since Komodo 13 was setting new benchmarks not only on the basis of its performance, but also because of an innovative approach with MCTS (Monte Carlo Tree Search). Komodo 14 continues with that successful concept. In addition to a further improvement in playing strength Komodo 14 offers exciting new functions for the configuration of the engine. Match winner and analysis partner. It is delivered with two versions of the engine: the playing strength of the standard version is somewhat stronger than the MCTS version, so long as the engine only has to calculate one variation at a time. If the number of variations is increased, however, the very much improved MCTS version is your first choice! Includes current Fritz 17 program interface and six months ChessBase Premium Account. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Minimum: Disc drive, Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, Windows 7 (64 Bit) or 8.1, DirectX11, graphics card with 256 MB RAM, DVDROMdrive, Windows Media Player 9 and internet access. Recommended: PC Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 (Quadcore), 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 with 64Bit (current version), Windows Media Player 11, (DVDROM drive) and internet access. For ChessBase ACCOUNT: Internet access and uptodate browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari.