Kill K.I.D. 1

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Kill K.I.D. 1 by Semko Semkov published by Chess Stars.

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This book offers an entirely new approach to the Four Pawns Attack against the King’s Indian Defence (KID). The author develops original aggressive ways to combat the KID and analysis them in great detail. He also covers various move orders for Black known as Modern Defence. From the introduction to the book “Warning! Do not kill any kid around, I only refer to the King’s Indian Defence! That one, I have been trying to kill for more than 20 years. This book is based mostly on my own original analysis of the Four Pawns Attack (FPA). It does not offer just minor improvements here and there in some irrelevant variations. I devised new plans in all the major systems and I propose a detailed analysis of all the arising branches I could think of. I quit active chess long ago so I have no reason to withhold any novelty I came upon over all those years. On the contrary, I have always wanted to share my numerous discoveries. I feel that current theory of the Four Pawns Attack is totally messed up if not entirely wrong. However, I had a gaping hole in the main Modern Benoni line and it took me many years to strike upon a decent idea. I hope it will cause considerable headache to Black players. I have always been unhappy with the Classical variation against the KID. It accumulated such an enormous amount of theory that it is impractical to keep in pace with it even for a professional player. Even bigger problem is the character of positions that arise. Softback, 140 pages. 145 x 216 x 8mm , 195g

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