Karpov Chess Computer

$119.95 $99.95

Karpov Chess Computer produced by Millennium


In stock! Express post can be used to get computer on your doorstep in time for Christmas. The chess computer with textbook, interactive exercises and speech output.

Here are the details: Step by step you will learn how to systematically build and improve your game by means of 100 exercises, which are already integrated in the chess computer.Perfectly suitable also for schools and clubs, in order to support several pupils at different performance levels at the same time. Your children will love it! Chess playing learning with world champion Anatoly Karpov made easy with voice output.Learn FunctionsThe Karpov chess school offers a unique concept: In the compact chess textbook with 196 pages the pieces and their move possibilities are explained in detail. Then it starts: With the interactive chess training of the device you can try out the 100 chess exercises described in the book with the computer. The exercises are already prestored and shown on the display. You just set up the pieces accordingly and try to find a solution! The tasks become more and more complex, so that at the end you are able to master the basics of the game. The switchable voice output (in English language) warns you about weak moves and possible threats. The Karpov Chess School is equipped with the latest MILLENNIUM high sensitive pressure sensor technology.

In addition, the device has a practical pieces compartment in the floor, so the device also accompanies you comfortably on your travels.Power Supply Connection, it can run on batteries but we recommend paying the extra $25 for mains power supply which has a product code M811 on our store . Product dimensions: 25.5 x 18 x 2.8 cm

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