Grand Strategy 60 Games by Boris Spassky (2nd Edition)

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Grand Strategy (2nd Edition) by Jan van Reek published by Margraten


Written by Van Reek, J. Grand Strategy by Jan van Reek is a rather unusual book. The book is designed as an exposition of the author’s conception of strategy in chess, using Spassky’s games as a reference point. Spassky contributed some hitherto unpublished analysis and comments on Van Reek’s analytical suggestions. I have to say at first that with its references to the Japanese warlord ‘Immovable Mountain’, Hannibal and Marshal Zhukov, the book did remind me a little of Raymond Keene’s ‘Samurai Chess’  But… this is actually an exceptionally good book. – Matthew Sadler in New In Chess. Softback, 176 pages.

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