Chess Set – Wooden – Boxwood pieces


Chess Set – Wooden – Boxwood pieces

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An elegant wooden chess set that is the prefect present.  The board and pieces are included. The dark squares of the board are made of sapele mahogany while the white squares are created by using sycamore wood. The border is made from sapele mahogany and it has a mat finish. The square size is 55mm, total dimensions 500 mm by 500 mm, (19.7inches by 19.7) thickness 13mm, border 30mm.  The pieces are made from boxwood and there are two extra queens which is rare for wooden sets. The tallest piece is the king which is 9.5cm (3.75 inches) and all the pieces are single weighted so they feel like serious pieces. The set weighs 900g and all pieces have a base covered in green cloth to allow the pieces to move easily across the board.  The chess pieces and board are in stock so be confident of your order arriving on time.

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