Budapest Fajarowicz


Budapest Fajarowicz by Lev Gutman published by Batsford.


The Fajarowicz variation of the Budapest Gambit (1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e5 3 dxe5 Ne4) is one of Black’s most exciting options against 1 d4.

Established opening knowledge  has maintained a dim view of this line, which nevertheless has been a favourite of club players. With a slightly better theoretical reputation its popularity would explode.In this groundbreaking work, top grandmaster and analyst Lev Gutman rehabilitates this ancient gambit with his usual, creative and original analysis. A cult book in the making, it is a must for all club and tournament players.

Softback, 278 pages. 138 x 216 x 25.4mm, 372g.

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