Bobby Fischer: The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion by Karsten Müller


Bobby Fischer by Karsten Müller published by Russell Enterprises


The classic collection of games played by World Champion Bobby Fischer.

In the mid 1950s, a lone genius from Brooklyn, USA emerged. Obsessed with chess, all his waking hours were devoted to finding truth on the 64 squares. It was an unrelenting, sometimes frustrating quest, but he persevered, eventually emerging as perhaps the greatest natural chess talent ever.

It was clear from his early years as a gifted prodigy through his stormy ascent of the Chess Olympus, no one had ever rocked the chess world quite like Bobby Fischer. His raw genius for the royal game, combined with an indefatigable will to win, made him one of the most feared chess players of all time, a genuine living legend. Now, for the first time, every one of his 736 tournament and match games is presented with insightful explanations and analysis. Best-selling chess author, German International Grandmaster Karsten Müller, annotates each game of the player many believe to be the greatest of all time.

These wonderfully annotated games are supplemented by cross-tables of every major tournament and match in which Fischer participated, dozens of archival photographs, along with brief comments and observations putting the play of the great champion into historical perspective.

Here is a review: “German GM Müller has annotated pretty much every single tournament game Fisher ever played that is available. Annotations are understandably not on the level of Fischer’s My 60 Memorable Games, but are often quite detailed, particularly in the endings where Müller is an acknowledged expert. The annotations include lots of explanatory prose as well as concrete variations – this is definitely not a data dump or computer analysis generated book…GMs Larry Evans and Andy Soltis provide supporting roles. Evans, Fisher’s longtime friend, occasional second and collaborator on My 60 Memorable Games, gives a personal view of Bobby from their first meeting (a car ride from Montreal to New York after the 1956 Canadian Open) to Fischer’s death. The eleven-page opening survey by Soltis is a gem…Bobby Fischer: the Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion is the new standard for a one volume work on all of Bobby’s games… John Donaldson at

Softback, 408 pages.



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